Name: Shelina Jokhiya

Name of business: DeCluttr Me

What's do you do?
Decluttering and Organizing Services for Homes and Offices

How did you get started?
Had dreamt of doing this 15 years ago but didn't think anyone would pay for someone to organise them. Then relooked into this in 2013 and discovered it was a massive industry and no one was doing it here. I started my website and social media providing information first on decluttering and organizing to gauge if people were interested in this service and then a few months later quit my job and started doing this full time.

Who and what inspire you?
There is a professional organiser in the USA who has become a friend and mentor since I started the business. Also my first boss in London. And from a global inspiration… Madonna. She has an incredibly work ethic that I have aspired to follow throughout my life, also she has been a game changer for many industries since she started in the early 80's.
What does being an entrepreneur mean to you?
Being free to do something I love and feel passionate about, as well as helping my clients in a positive way.

How do you split your time?
Depends on whether I have a client. If I have a client, the whole day will be spent with them decluttering and organizing the area, I will then come home and deal with the administrative side of the business. Any other day working from my home office, networking and meeting potential new clients. If there are gaps, I have been known to quietly slip into a cinema to watch a movie with nobody else in the audience! Bliss.

What is your workspace like?
Organized – if at home! It is a home office so normally there are cats on the desk at some point trying to stop me from working. Disorganized at the start and then organized if with a client :).

What three items can't you live without?
My high tech label machine, my iPhone and my car.
Which UAE companies do you admire?
The owners of Bystro have created a lovely space and with local flavours. Plus its a great place to work. Love a lot of other companies such as Change Initiative and the One. They not only have a thriving business but also help the community and environment.

Why is supporting small businesses so important to you?
I have lived here for 10 years and consider here my home. The giants have taken over here for many years, but I feel we should support our home grown small businesses and help them to thrive and succeed. Also I like to know that there were very minimal air miles spent in getting the items and services here.

How can the community get involved in your business?
Spread the word about my services and if they know anyone who needs help with getting organized (whether it is a small studio or a large villa or office), get in touch.

Also I am always looking for companies or initiatives who take donations of items so if anyone is collecting clothes, books, electronic items, etc let me know.
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