Name: Russell Overy

Name of business: Ignite

What do you make?
Training & Team Building

How did you get started?
By spending too long as a training manager having terrible discussions with 'consultants'

Who and what inspire you?
What: Making a differences to the individuals we work with?

Who: Anyone that's has the guts to their balls (or breasts) on the line and take the leap into the insecurity of setting up theiur own business (whether it succeeds or not)!
How do you split your time?
At work: Sales, Process development, design, training, reporting, relationship building, managing the team, chasing payment, At home: family time. It's what gives me purpose

What is your workspace like?
1049 sq ft of open plan space. We have great plans for interior design but for now its functional rather than sexy

What three items can't you live without?
My bike, My car, My laptop
Which UAE companies do you admire?
Hmmmmmmm. EngageMe, Skydive Dubai, Jumeirah

Why is supporting small businesses so important to you?
Small Businesses are the vehicle that carry so many aspirations, it allows people to break the shackles of big business and contriol (to soem extent) their own destiny. I'm a dreamer so that in itself is enough to motivate me into supporting others

How can the community get involved in your business?
Not sure really. We often have requirements for support whether that be people to help us on big team building days, setting up a powerpoint template, connecvting us with potential clients and trainers
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