Name: Nicola Beer

Name of business: Pure Peace Coaching

What's do you do?
I'm an international relationship coach that helps individuals in-person and online to emotionally heal and create a new beginning. This includes helping couples on the verge of a break up to restore the love, passion, respect and fun, that is often missing when a relationship breaks down, as well as action steps to heal, rebuild connection and trust after infidelity and the discovery of an affair.

I also work with individuals to get through a divorce, to manage the stress and emotional roller-coaster that often follows. Where I help them to create fulfilling life after separation by addressing concerns & fears head on and by focusing on people and activities that will bring greater happiness. If desired part of the happiness may include meeting someone new, where I provide tips on how to attract the right partner and dating.

Divorce support also includes helping children to adapt to the changes, protecting their best interests, effective co-parenting plans and working with the teenagers and families affected.

Lastly as our love life and relationships are determined by how much we love, value and give to ourselves I have a program "receiving love to transform your relationships" where, working with individuals we focus on increasing confidence, self-esteem and the ability to accept and feel love, compliments, and praise.
How did you get started?
When I was 13 my parent's got divorced, I remember feeling alone, anxious, angry and abandoned. My father moved far away and my mother had a breakdown and became angry and abusive. Due to the fear of not wanting to push my father any further away or aggravate her mother and face the repercussions. I learnt to repress my anger, frustration and loneliness inside and carried this pain with me well into my twenties.

All I really wanted at the time was someone to talk to, someone who could help me through it and encourage me to focus on the future. But no one was there.

Having experienced two painful romantic break up's one in my twenties and one early thirties, the same exhausting feelings and questions came flooding: "why me?" "why now" will I ever be able to trust again?" "will I find love again?" "will I survive financially?" I felt flat, low, confused, disappointed and regretful.

Through reflection and coaching, I became aware that the support I craved for back in my teenage years, was also exactly what I needed post-break up and what my mother needed during and after the divorce.

Strategies to cope with the financial, logistical and emotional changes. Tips to deal with the stress, frustration, hurt and co-parenting challenges she was facing. This made me feel compelled to help individuals and families going through separation and divorce. As well as to save marriages, so I studied not only how to get through a break up but also how to strengthen a marriage, rebuild trust, create more love.

My last discovery having helped hundreds of couples reconnect, repair and replenish their love, was the learning that the relationship we have with ourselves affects our relationships with others. If we are self-critical, judgmental, and don't feel we are good enough, no matter how much someone says, or does to show love for us, we won't feel it. So working on receiving love this is something I love to support individuals with.

Who and what inspire you?
I am inspired everyday by the couples and individuals I work with. Those who have the strength to acknowledge where they may need support, to face their fears head on and do something about it. I admire greatly those who can open up, share and express their true feelings in order to move forward. I am inspired most by people who decide no longer is my life or relationship going to be this way, I deserve better and set about to make that better happen.

What does being an entrepreneur mean to you?
It means I can be the real me! Freedom to be who I am all the time and that's liberating. When I write, podcast or speak it comes straight from my heart, my feelings and there is something very special when you speak only from truth, where you don't have to "fit in" or adapt to anything or anyone else.

How do you split your time?
I split my time coaching, exercising, learning and socializing.

I love being active swimming, running, biking, yoga, walking and dancing.

Learning is also essential to me, I'm a life-long learner, I love learning as much as possible about relationships, personalities, spirituality. The past 13 years since I graduated I've been studying and becoming certified in many different areas: Coaching, NLP, Hypnotherapy, Myer Briggs, Time Line Therapy™, Relationship Coaching, Addiction Recovery, Cellular, DNA Healing, The Journey™, Family Therapy and Conflict Resolution. The more I learn the more I realize I don't know.

Comedy, there has to be time to laugh whether it's standup, sitcoms, movies or laughing at yourself, it's the best stress reliever.

Socializing and connecting with others is important to me online and in-person, I like to share my thoughts, feelings, challenges and triumphs with those I am close too.

In terms of the business it's coaching, writing, podcasting and speaking.
What is your workspace like?
Relaxed, peaceful, with the kettle always on.

What three items can't you live without?
Music – I use music to reenergize myself after a long-day, to motivate me to do my house work and exercise, to lift my mood on those days where you feel a bit drained.

Skype – skype is how I coach many individuals and couples across the globe, how I connect with my friends and family back home. Couldn't be without it.

Tea – I love herbal tea to relax, replenish and comfort me.

Which UAE companies do you admire?
Veggie 77- an amazing vegetarian and vegan restaurant in Dubai, they provide delicious, healthy daily delivery packages as well as an amazing take out menu. All their food is made with love, organic and local produce.

Plug – they are always coming up with innovative ways to connect with their customers and get across thought-provoking messages. From their fun story telling calendars or board games, witty mail shots or humorous postcards, they always get me thinking about my brand, image and how to communicate differently with customers. Most of all they are not afraid to stand out, be bold and do something different.

Why is supporting small businesses so important to you?
I admire small businesses and their owners because they

Made a decision – "I am going to do this"

Pushed through their fears – "Will it work?" "Am I good enough?" "Can I do this?"

Committed themselves to their visions, mission and purpose

It's not an easy process to do, and when I support small businesses I feel like I am supporting someone's passion, acknowledging their courage to step out and do something and helping them achieve their purpose. If we all followed our passions and talents, I think the world would be even more amazing to live in.

How can the community get involved in your business?
They can listen to my podcast show "Love Talk with Nicola Beer" and "Divorce Talk with Nicola Beer" on Itunes, Stitcher Radio, soundcloud or my website and let me know their opinions, words of wisdom perhaps? As well as what topics they would like to have more advice, tips and strategies on when it comes to relationships, marriage, divorce and dating.

They can download and share my 4 free e-books to support those to create positive change and a happier life.

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