Name: Kate Carter

Name of business: Fabric Kate

What do you make?
Colourful cotton bunting with themed designs and names on request. Also most recently I have started making novelty crayons.

Where can we get our mitts on your products?
On and

How did you get started?
Five years ago when my son was born. It all started with a sock monkey for him, I then moved on to making bunting as gifts for his friends and the crayons were inspired by my children's love for colouring and little figures so they double up as toys too!

Who and what inspire you?
My mum is the original bunting queen and obviously has a lot to do with my urge to make things! I love bright colours and nature, sometimes I dream about bunting and ideas come to me that way!
How do you split your time? Is there a day job?
I work part time at a school as an English assistant and I have three children aged 5, 3 and 6 months old but I still manage to squeeze in some time to make things! My eldest son loves to help me arrange letters and numbers and he is a good helper! Also having a husband who enjoys cooking helps too.

What is your workspace like?
I mostly work from my kitchen table, close to the kettle!

What are your essential tools of the trade?
My very noisy sewing machine and a rotary cutter that my good friend gave to me a few years ago, along with the cutting board I acquired (stole) from her too, they changed my life!

Creative highlight so far?
When Sheikh Mansour 'liked' a photo of my golden bunting on Instagram!!
Which UAE companies and creatives do you admire?
Anyone who embraces local culture and encorporates the UAE in their work whilst being here has my vote. I absolutely love Ragmatazz and pretty much anything they make, but in particular their Sugar Skull handbags, of which I am very lucky to have two! Their stuff is so bright and colourful, right up my street! Also artist Jen Simon for her amazingly colourful pieces and her bespoke city scapes are my favourite and most recently I received a fantastic doll from The Arab Doll project and really admire her fantastic work.

Why is supporting small businesses so important to you?
I love unique and one off things, when someone or a small business has made it themselves it makes it that much more appealing and you know exactly where it has come from.

What else can be done in Dubai to get more people buying local?
There's plenty of markets happening in Dubai to get your hands on handmade and local items so my only suggestion would be to create some sort of drive through shop for those who don't like to get out of their cars and of course delivery services!
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