Name: Jen Wilson

Name of business: GateKeepers

What do you do?
GateKeepers is a boutique executive recruitment firm, specialised in identifying, assessing and acquiring Executive Secretaries, Executive Assistants and Board Secretaries for elite C-Suite Executives and Directors

How did you get started?
I realised that there is no agency in the UAE who only specialise in business support roles which lead me to start GateKeepers. As a former Executive Assistant I truly understand the needs and requirements of the client having done the job myself for over 18 years.

Who and what inspire you?
I am inspired by anyone who was told they would never amount to anything and are now running successful businesses. Education is always key but for some of us who didn't go the whole way it can be tough. Those that had persistence to better themselves for a secure future always make me smile and deserve admiration.
What does being an entrepreneur mean to you?
I hope that by growing the business to be successful I can inspire other females to take that leap and start a business they have a passion for. Determination is paramount, if you have that then you will never fail.

How do you split your time?
My work isn't 9-5 as the clients needs come first so early starts and late finishes are the norm however there is flexibility in the day to nip out if needed and I can also adapt my hours to miss the traffic which is a huge benefit as I feel this is wasted time. Weekends are generally free to enjoy what the UAE has to offer.

What is your workspace like?
Clean and tidy, if my desks is disorganised then I cannot focus on the tasks in hand!

What three items can't you live without?
A Jo Malone scented candle in my house - perfect way to unwind after a long day Tea - Being a Brit this is an essential! NYX matte lipstick - lasts and lasts through all those meetings!
Which UAE companies do you admire?
I admire Careem, which was started by 2 business parters and has grown to be such a huge company not just in the UAE but now across the Middle East. Like GateKeepers they realised there was a gap the market, Careem identified a huge need for an alternative transport mode to keep up with customer demands.

Why is supporting small businesses so important to you?
By supporting small businesses and starts ups you are contributing to the next generation of business leaders, giving them the opportunity to rise up which is not always possible in multinationals. Smaller companies can provide tailored services which is a huge bonus and in turn we can also be competitive on price because we have less overheads.

How can the community get involved in your business?
If you are a company who has a requirement for a PA.EA or Board Secretary then GateKeepers provides 3 CV's within 3 days with a 3 month guarantee.
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