Name: Mohamad Jomaa AKA Mojo

Name of business:Assist AE

What do you do?
We are a one stop shop that take care of all life requirements, from Errands to PRO requirements (Domestic Helper residency renewals), Attestation and relocations. Basically anything that you don't have time to do and we are able to do on your behalf; We will!

How did you get started?
I always wanted to be my own boss, and when the opportunity came to acquire Assist AE, I jumped at the chance because I believed in what Assist AE has to offer all people in the UAE, the gift of time

Who and what inspire you?
My wife is one of my biggest inspirations, and she is the one who helped me have a clear vision for Assist AE in that it should be a company that genuinely helps people in good times and in bad, rather than being just another service provider.
What does being an entrepreneur mean to you?
It means having the flexibility of time as well as going after my dreams in both the long term and short term.

How do you split your time?
Defnitetly I work a lot but I try to start my day early to finish early, so I'm usually at the office by 7am, to be done by 4pm and have the rest of the day to spend time with family and friends.

What is your workspace like?
Not very organized J But as they say it's an organized chaos and I usually know where everything is!

What three items can't you live without?
My bluetooth headset, as I speak on the phone a lot so makes my life easier, My car, as I love driving, and my glasses, as I can't see without them!
Which UAE companies do you admire?
I admire a lot of companies in the UAE, because as most SME's know there are a different set of challenges in the Middle East as a whole, but companies like Aramex and Talabat whom over the years have put the time to overcome these challenges and create new spaces which were niche and made them commercial is what a being a business owner is all about.

Why is supporting small businesses so important to you?
Small businesses are the ones that are able to take risks when innovating, because if it fails the learning that comes out of the project is much bigger than the financial loss, which usually results in the business going to the depths of the earth to find out why the product didn't work and then create a new iteration for the new product to hopefully work.

How can the community get involved in your business?
Spread the word about Assist AE, so we can provide the gift of time to everyone!
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